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A rare beauty in the North. She’s the finest lady on earth. A glance from her, the whole city goes down. A second glance leaves the nation in ruins. There exists no city or nation that has been more cherished than a beauty like this.

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You wasted your time… you wasted your time following me. You let that happen.


You’re not going. You left us once already. You can’t go! - The Others (Dir, Alejandro Amenabar 2001)

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Get into trouble. Make mistakes. Fight, love, live.

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Infinite List of Favourite Movies | The Princess Diaries (2001)
I can’t be a princess! I’m still waiting for normal body parts to arrive!

Get to know me | favorite movies [1/10] - Moulin rouge
Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and then on not-so very special day, I sat down at my type-writer and I wrote down our story. A story about a time, a story about a place, a story about the people. But most importantly, a story about love. A love that will live forever. The end.

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Get To Know Me Meme: [1/5] favorite movies

Amazing Grace (2006)

When people speak of great men, they think of men like Napoleon - men of violence. Rarely do they think of peaceful men. But contrast the reception they will receive when they return home from their battles. Napoleon will arrive in pomp and in power, a man who’s achieved the very summit of earthly ambition. And yet his dreams will be haunted by the oppressions of war. William Wilberforce, however, will return to his family, lay his head on his pillow and remember: the slave trade is no more.